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Videos: My Picks – “The Best Bad Dancing on the Internet”

Posted by bodyworksfitness on September 12, 2007

Bad dancing is fun to watch?


Some people like “reality” shows, I like bad dancing videos…

I think the following videos are the best of the worst, and that is what makes them so great! They all have something special and unique about them.


125 Moves!

This is a couple that claim to teach 125 moves in 2 DVD’s. One really can’t put this into perspective until one reads their bios:

“JOHN KELLY: The director and co-producer of the films: “75 Easy to Learn Rock and Roll Dance Moves” and “50 More Rock and Roll Dance Moves” is an accomplished and admired “freestyle” rock and roll dancer. Despite his multi-talents though, he is still “you.” He’s been through the same fear of dancing that many of you beginners have …. and to this day constantly strives to improve himself and learn new moves just as you experienced dancers do.”

“”PHYL” : A student of John’s, had only been with him a short while before “75 Easy …” was made, but in that short while had quickly picked up much of what it had taken John years to learn. Assisting him in “75 Easy’s …” part 3: “Show Biz and Shock Effect” and again in the final segment of “50 More …” she is a perfect example of how quickly you can learn when you have a good teacher.”

“Just so we’ve got some kind of an understanding, I (John Kelly) am a lot like youI was like you before I learned to dance … I was like you after I learned to dance … And I am very much like you right now; at the present moment. Mean it! Other than my quirky ways and alleged brain damage, I’m just a “Joe Blow” on the streets … just a “working stiff” like you. The only difference between us (and I’m talking to even you “experienced” dancers) is that I kick-ass on the dance floor. Always! Anywhere I go … And every time I go there!”

So, I think I get it……….you are just like us…….except that you “kick-ass” on the dance floor. Okay, I think I got it.


Traveling Dancer!

This is video of a guy that travels around the world and makes videos of himself dancing quite badly. The exotic locations makes this one worth watching. Does this guy have the life or what?


Underwear Dancer!

Okay, the guy actually has great rhythm, but I mean come on! What is with the underwear? This is so hilarious!


“Running in Place” Guy!

What makes this guy a cut above the rest? Persistence! He made 100’s of bad, crazy dancing videos in his apartment, in the morning before work, from 05/05 to 07/06 and even had some guest performances. His dancing never got any better (not that he was trying) nor did he ever do much more than a “run in place” style (like the “traveling dancer guy”) with a few “criss-crosses”. But he made up for it in using some props, having strange (and delayed) interpretations of the music/words, and had a few oddball locations. He is having so much fun that it will make you laugh and put you in a great mood.

It was really difficult to pick just one of his videos for this blog. I chose “Brick House” due to his interpretation of the “brick” part, not being able to hold back on singing “HOUSE”, the flawless “criss-crossy” steps, superfast “tippy-toe” moves, and the “away from the camera to sling body back to the camera” move.


How to Dance Like a White Guy!

This video pretty much speaks for itself. Just watch for the “over the shoulder point shake and shrug” move. This video is very strange and creepy for some reason, and that is the very reason it makes it to my list. Awesome!


2 Responses to “Videos: My Picks – “The Best Bad Dancing on the Internet””

  1. Maria said

    What a sterling collection! What I think is awesome about all these people is that they all have a passion for dance and aren’t afraid to share it with the world, regardless of whether their perceived skill is on par with their actual skill 🙂

  2. Maria, I totally agree. It is fun to watch others smiling and achieving a state of happiness through dance.

    As far as perceived skills vs. actual skills, how about this study?

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