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Videos/Art/Religion: The Movie “The Tango Lesson”

Posted by bodyworksfitness on November 17, 2007

lutte_de_jacob_avec_lange.jpg the-tango-lesson.jpg

Dance, romance, passion, beautiful settings, art, philosophy, life….

I hope they put this 1997 film on DVD. I have watched the VHS version many times. It is amazing. Here is a short plot synopsis that doesn’t do it justice, but I’m too lazy to write one:

“Written and directed by Sally Potter, The Tango Lesson is the story of a filmmaker (Sally Potter) who, dissatisfied with her latest screenplay, stumbles upon the tango and an Argentinian tango dancer (Pablo Veron) living in Paris. Fascinated by both, she places herself under Pablo’s tutelage, striking a deal – if Pablo will make her a tango dancer, she will let him star in her next film. He accomplishes his side of the bargain when they perform in a show, but her attempt to make a film with Pablo in Buenos Aires exposes the complexities at the heart of the story – how do you follow when your instinct is to lead?”

Sally Potter’s Inspiration

Pablo Veron

Jacob Wrestling with the Angel” – Painter Eugène Delacroix

Genesis Chapter 30

Click here for large-sized resolution image of “Jacob Wrestling with the Angel”

All Video Clips

My favorite clips:


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